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I Know

Once three sardars decided to go on a picnic.

When they got there, they realized they had forgotten the soda.

So, the youngest sardar said he would go home and get the soda if the others promised not to eat the sandwiches until he got back.

An hour, a couple of hours, then all day went by.

Both sardars were now very hungry.

Finally one of the sardars said: “Oh, come on, he is not going to be back. Let’s eat the sandwiches.”

Suddenly, the youngest sardar popped up from behind a rock and said “I know that you eat if i go”.

Where are u from ?

Teacher to Sardar: “Where were you from?”

Sardar: from Tiruvanantapuram.

Teacher: Spell it?

Sardar (after thinking): No actually I am from GOA.

Tie Party

Sardarji received an invitation, to a party which said “Black Tie Only”!!

When he went to the party he was surprised to find the other invitees wearing trousers and shirts as well !!!!