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World’s Scariest Roller Coasters

World’s Scariest Roller Coasters

Fujiyama (Japan)
Speed is 93 mph

Superman: The Escape (California, USA)
Height is 328 feet, speed is 100 mph

Silver Star (Germany)
Speed is 78 mph

Goliath (California, USA)
Height is 235 feet, speed is 85 mph

Tower of Terror (Australia)
Height is 377.3 feet, speed is 99.3 mph

Millennium Force (Ohio, USA)
Height is 310 feet, speed is 93 mph

Top Thrill Dragster (Ohio, USA)
Height is 420 feet, speed is 120 mph

Steel Dragon 2000 (Japan)
Height is 328.1 feet, speed is 93.1 mph

Nitro (New Jersey, USA)
Height is 229.7 feet, speed is 81 mph

Magnum XL-200 (Ohio, USA)
Speed is 62 mph

The Voyage (Indiana, USA)
Height is 173 feet, speed is 67.4 mph

American Eagle (Illinois, USA)
Speed is 66 mph

White Cyclone (Japan)
Height is 138 feet, speed is 62 mph

Son of Beast (Ohio, USA)
Height is 218 feet, speed is 78.4 mph