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Its a Trap !

While doing house work a lady observes that her husband is watching something seriously on TV.

Suddenly he shouts “Noo, Don’t enter the church its a Trap!”.

Scared wife asks husband, “What are you watching honey?”

Husband replies “Our Marriage DVD !!!”

Go Away !

Husband asks wife “Darling, Can you be the moon to me?”
Feeling the love in husbands question, wife says “Ohh, Definitely honey”
“Thats great, then go 9,955,887.6 kms away from me” husband replies.

This is the one

A Man enters into his bedroom with a Sheep in his hands.

His wife was lying on the bed and reading a book.

“This is the Pig i kissed to when you were asleep” the man says.

“See it properly and you’ll find it is a Sheep not a Pig” wife replies.

“Better you understand that i am talking to this Sheep not to you!!” the man replies.