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Creative and unusual dresses

Hair dress: A Croatian company made a dress entirely from human hair; designers at the Artidjana Company used 165 ft (50.3m) of blonde hair in the dress.

Rubber bands dress: The dress uses 8.8 lbs of rubber bands of various colors, lengths and sizes. Approximately 14,235 rubber bands in total were used in its creation; 12,000 for the dress itself, 2,225 for the belt and 100 for the hairpiece

Rubber gloves dress: Creation of designer Sebatian Errazuriz.

Money dress: This dress is made from real banknotes

Cloths pin dress: Dress made out of hundreds of clothespin by designer Sandra Backlund.

Sprinkle dress: Creation of Italian designer Linda Schailon, it features a full garden-wire skirt neatly planted in used yogurt containers.

Porcelain Dress: Cool dress made entirely out of porcelain by Li Xiaofeng

Plastic Cups Dress: We had quite a few dresses in the past, but this one is really cool.

Camping Tent Dress: It’s an art project created by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao.

Phonebook Paper Dress: Creation of Jolis Paons, the paper dress was made purely out of phonebook paper.

Plastic Bags Dress: Made from M and S plastic bags.

Chocolate Lindor Dress: Unique dress made of chocolate lindors, designed by Lindka Cierach.

Cookie Dress: ‘Bakewear’ is totally edible, made of 600 cookies.

Toilet Paper Dress: Two weeks were spent to create the dress with a raised flower pattern from toilet papers.

Cream Puff Dress: This 20 lb dress took two months to make and is made of 1,500 cream puffs.

Leaf Dress:

Matchstick Dress: Creation of 18-year-old student named Lily Faget; its made of matches.

Newspaper Dress: Creation of designer Amy M. Phillips and Fairlight Hubbard.

Paper Dress: Cool dress created out of paper by fashion design students.

Flexible Concrete Dress: The dress, called ‘Herself,’ is a prototype of the world’s first air purifying dress; it is designed to keep the air fresh and clean for everybody, its made from a special kind of absorbing flexible concrete that’s been sprayed onto fabric.