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Sir Ravindra Jadeja Jokes and Tweets

Funny Tweets and Jokes on Ravindra Jadeja alias Sir Ravindra Jadeja aka Sir Jadeja aka SRJ

  • Sir Ravindra Jadeja can rundown from long on to take a Wicket Keeper’s catch
  • Sir Ravindra Jadeja once took a hat-trick in a Single ball
  • Sir Ravindra Jadeja can win Wimbledon title playing tennis with his Cricket Bat
  • SRJ can all out any team in just Single Over
  • SRJ proved it wrong that ‘Catches win Matches’
  • Form is temporary SRJ is permanent
  • SRJ do not come as opener coz IPL don’t want the match to get finished in first over
  • Dont bowl Sir Jadeja legitimate balls, he converts them into NO-BALLS – RP Singh
  • Sachin+Rhodes+Warne+Simon Taufel = Sir Jadeja – Richie Benaud
  • He 87.64% Perfect,rest is the Service tax paid to him by Govt for his services to Cricket – Viv Richards
  • We didn’t loose to CSK, We lost to a God called Sir Ravindra Jadeja
  • SRJ gets out or doesn’t take wickets just to let others play

A real incident is that after getting out to Sir Jadeja, Australia captainĀ Michael Clarke asked Sir to autograph on a photo which is showing him taking the wicket. Then Sir wrote ‘This will keep happening again and again’ and he ended up taking his wicket in the next 3 matches too.

  • vs RCB SRJ showed just his little ability
  • vs PWI Sir Jadeja got out earlier to give the test of hitting 6 sixes in the last over to others
  • Sir Jadeja wears Sun glasses to protect the sun from his Stare
  • Only Sir Jadeja can get back his lost Virginity
  • When Sir Rabindra Jadeja was in schools his teachers always used to wear Sun Glasses, because SRJ was so bright
  • Moon once used to be on earth until Sir Ravindra and Rajni had a match. Rajni used it as a ball to bowl and SRJ hit it for a Six

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  1. Sir Ravindra Jadeja Jokes

    In honour of Sir Sir Ravindra Jadeja, 52 days of a year are celebrated as ā€˜RAVIvar.

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