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Tolio, Kneasles and …..

A man and woman just got married and were spending their first night together. They were both starting to undress and the man took his shoes and socks off first.
The woman looked at his toes all red and curled in and asked, “What happened to your toes?”
So he answered, “I suffered from a childhood disease called Tolio.”
Woman: Don’t you mean Polio?
Man: No, Tolio only affects the toes.

Then they continue undressing and he takes his pants off and she notices that his knees are real ugly and crooked so she asks him what happened.
Man: I also suffered from Kneasles.
Woman: Don’t you mean Measles?
Man: No, Kneasles. It only affects the knees.

So finally he takes his underwear off and the wife takes one look and seems disappointed.
Woman: Don’t tell me…
… You also had smallcox?

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