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Office Jokes

Intelligent Sardarji

One day a Sardarji was bored and was dialing all numbers of his office colleagues he remember .

He dials a number and hear a lady’s sweet voice “Hello”.

Then Sardarji replies “Hi, Can we go on a date? Would you like to have fun?”

“Do you know who i am ?” the lady shouts,

“No” Sardarji replies,

“I am the manager of this company” she answers

“Do you know to whom you are talking to?” Sardarji shouts.

“No” the lady replies

“Thank you” says Sardarji and cuts the call.

I can’t come

An employee calls his boss and tell “I cannot come to work today”

“Why not?” asks the boss.

“My wife is still on bed, she didn’t prepare breakfast and didn’t iron my clothes” the employee replies.

“That’s not an excuse” shouts the boss,

“Well you wake my wife and tell it to her” the employee replies :)